Doug's new toy. 2009 Tacoma Access Cab SR5 4X4, 2.7L 4 cyl, 5spd manual, barcelona red. Took delivery on March 24th, 2009.

So far ... at 2,000 Km, OEM style fog lamps installed in the bumper, new rims & tires for summer. Dunlop A20 265/65R17 on MB Predator wheels replace the stock 245/75R16 alloy rims & tires.
2 coats of Liquid Glass, shorter Roadsport mudflaps are on but not in this picture. The ReadyLift leveling kit came in, so that's my next big job. It's a 3 inch lift on the front and 1 inch lift on the rear to level the truck.

The Roadmaster kit came in so that saved me the extra work of having to take the rear suspension apart twice. 4 hours to do the front lift and 2 hours to do the rear. It would have gone a lot faster with a helper.
The alignment is done now (that took 1 1/2 hours (not sure why it took so long)). Bye bye powertrain warranty, hello lifted and close to level truck (it's about 1 inch of rake and no, I'm not taking out the rear spacer).

3 inch spacer installed on top of the front strut. This shot was taken in the driveway with the tires on the the ground.

1 inch spacers installed to drop the differential.

1 inch spacer installed between the rear axle and the leaf spring.

Roadmaster active suspension kit installed. This shot was taken in the driveway with the tires on the ground.

These are the Roadsport pro fit #7 mudflaps I got from Crappy Tire to replace the Dumbo factory flaps. The set of four was $80 versus $80 for one OEM part if I happened to back into a curb and snap one off.
I might not need them once the Bushwacker flares are installed, but I'll check to see if they will fit anyways.

Halfway to the first scheduled oil change. 4,000 km on the truck and no problems so far.

A nice bright sunny day at noon for pictures of the Carr superhoop II truck steps. They are 20 inches long and are centered on the doors.
I took the chrome Tacoma emblems off the doors. I have the Weathertech in-channel vent visors ordered for the front windows only. Water just pours in if I crack the window open for a smoke in a rain storm.

Redline Tuning QuickLIFT hood struts. No issues with the installation at all.

Redline Tuning EZ Down tailgate strut. Toyota beefed up the tailgate cables and the strut interferes with the cable when closing the tailgate.
I used a piece of chain and two S hooks. My benchvise worked well to squash the S hooks so they would fit in the stud grooves.
The chain is only rated for 200 lbs. Not a big deal for me. The S hooks are really butter soft though. Have to keep an eye on them.

Folds up nice and neat now.

Kenwood CCD 2000 backup camera. It took a little work with a dremel tool on the Pop & Lock tailgate handle to make it fit.

Kenwood DNX 6140 showing the rear view. The dash kit is made by Scosche and includes the 6715 trim ring for 09 Tacomas. The part number is TA2053S9B.
Crutchfield twice shipped TA2053B dashkits that were missing the 5895 trim ring. They shipped the new piece and I was good to go.
It only took me two tries to program the SWI-JACK and it works perfectly. No complaints. Works good.

New stuff not installed yet: Viper 350 + alarm system and the Bushwacker flares.

August 24th, 2009 13,000 Km on the truck.

I installed the Polk Audio db6501 component speakers in the front doors. It took me some time to figure out how to mount the tweeters and crossovers.
The Db switch on the crossover is accessable from underneath by popping off the lower part of the door panel. Dynamat is the next job.

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I finally installed the Bushwacker flares and I've decided to have them painted barcelona red to match the truck in a week or two.
I'll have to remove the flares and drop them off at the bodyshop and reinstall them after they're painted.
The Roadsport pro fit #7 mudflaps I got do not fit the bushwackers. I'll have to try something else.

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Here's how the truck looks after the flares are painted Barcelona Red. I like it.

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Updated July 2018. Odometer is at 276,000 Km. New parts installed.

Front: SkyJacker struts on the bottom groove, OME 884 springs, left side 1/4" spacer, Rancho UCA's, Dorman LCA's, extended braided brake hoses.
Rear: SkyJacker shocks, new Toyota recall springs, ReadyLift Add-a-leaf, extended braided brake hoses.

Toyota running boards, tan colour Softopper, Dorman Sport headlights.

Toyo Observe GSi-5 285/70R17 for summer and Toyo M-55 LT255/85R16 on stock rims with SpiderTrax 1.25 inch spacers for winter.
The stock rims were stripped and powdercoated in silver.
Installed new style chain spare tire hoist. Fitted Toyo M-55 spare tire.

Received my notice in the mail about the frame inspection.
My plan to relocate the battery to the bed to make room for the air compressor is on hold pending the outcome of the inspection